Mandarin Retreats

Take part in immersive weekend Mandarin retreats for learners & native speakers based in the UK

Learning Chinese from outside of Chinese speaking countries can be a challenge. It’s hard to find opportunities to fully immerse yourself in the language without travelling abroad.

So we’ve partnered with who are organising weekend Chinese language immersion retreats in the UK. The retreats aim to support learners of all levels to replicate the experience of living in a totally Chinese speaking environment for an entire weekend. 

Small groups of English and Chinese native speakers are taken on a trips to scenic locations around the UK. Learners get to practice their Mandarin skills in a supportive, 100% Chinese speaking environment. It also enables native Chinese speakers to experience British culture, see beautiful scenery and sample delicious local food.

To find out more or book your place on a retreat visit

“I really enjoyed the last immersion trip. I met some great people and got to talk about some topics in Chinese that I don’t often talk about in daily life. For example Chinese medicine, nutrition and some recent news events in China. Would highly recommend it!”

Will Hart, 2022 Champion of the UK Chinese bridge Mandarin speaking competition

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