About Me

Just over 4 years ago I started taking Chinese evening classes as a hobby while living and working in the UK. For the first two years I studied sporadically, blindly exploring different techniques without any real direction or motivation. However, over the last couple of years language learning has become a vocation and I have become increasingly interested in the process of self studying Mandarin to fluency.

In this blog I will write about things I wish I had known at the beginning of my journey. I will discuss commonly encountered problems and what I have done to overcome them. I will also blog about ongoing frustrations.

This blog is not about how I became fluent in Mandarin; although I can have meaningful, long conversations with native speakers and read novels I do not yet claim to be an accomplished Mandarin speaker. Instead, I will blog as someone who is very much still in the process of learning. I hope by doing so I can create a valuable resource for other learners, particularly those self-studying from outside Mandarin speaking countries.

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