I Recorded My First Ever Podcast in Mandarin Chinese! 中式礼貌和英式礼貌有什么区别?

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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Today’s episode is a very special edition in which, for the first time ever, the discussion is recorded entirely in Mandarin Chinese.

For some background: Last Christmas I wrote a blog in which I set my new years’ resolution. The goal for 2022 was to work hard on my speaking skills and get to a level within one year where I’d feel comfortable recording podcast discussions in fluent Mandarin.

After several months of hard work, I’m finally ready to post my first episode – and hopefully the first of many – in Chinese.

I’m joined by my Chinese friend Katherine who is a keen language learner and a graduate in translation studies. She’s currently studying a masters in English literature while living in the UK.

A few months ago she came on the podcast to talk about Chinese polite culture and common attitudes Chinese people often have towards learners of Mandarin as a second language.

Today we chat about all the ways ways in which Chinese politeness differs from British politeness based on Katherine’s experience of living here for over a year.

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