Mental Health & the Psychological Highs and Lows of Learning Chinese (Podcast)

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Many listeners of this podcast are people who, like me, get immense joy and gratification from the language learning process. However, it’s also worth being aware of the psychological pitfalls which those of us studying Chinese intensively commonly fall into. 

On my podcast today I discuss this issue with two friends who have both experienced the ups and downs of Mandarin learning. 

Karl Baker is a language app programmer who has appeared on the podcast before. Esther Birts is a UXP designer who is currently on a secondment from work during which she is self-studying Mandarin intensively. 

We talk about dealing with comments and judgments from native speakers, coping with those moments when we failed to live up to our expectations of ourselves and much more.

How about you? Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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