Matt Vs Japan on Input, Stephen Krashen, Why Accents Matter & Much More (Podcast)

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On today’s podcast we have a very special guest, the YouTube superstar and fluent Japanese speaker Matt Vs Japan.

Matt is a well known face in the language learning community who has risen to prominence thanks to his insightful YouTube videos which explain how he managed to reach a near native level in Japanese while living in the US.

Like me, he is a big fan of the linguist Stephen Krashen and is on a mission to popularise language learning methods which prioritise the importance of getting lots of reading and listening input.

More recently he has also taken a keen interest in the question of how we should go about acquiring native-like accents when studying a new language as an adult. We discussed all this and much more in a very wide ranging interview, one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever done.


Matt’s YouTube:

Matt’s Twitter:

My blog on how to acquire Chinese tones:

My blog on the importance of accent:

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