Catch-up with Will Hart: Nailing Sentence Structure & Visiting China for the First Time (Podcast)

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One year ago I interviewed someone who totally transformed my perspective on learning to speak Chinese.

By now, listeners to this podcast will be familiar with Will Hart, the Mandarin learning phenomenon who became incredibly fluent in Chinese within the space of just a year and a half.

Since I last interviewed Will here last year we’ve become friends and collaborated on a number of Mandarin learning projects.

A few weeks ago he interviewed me on his YouTube channel in Chinese, which I reposted as an episode on this podcast.

I wanted to catch up with Will again to discuss what he’s been up to since the last time we spoke. In this episode Will tells us about how his learning methods have evolved over time. He also shares his experiences of immersing in Chinese both in the UK as well as on his first ever trip to China last month.

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