Learn Chinese With Instagram Star Jiaqi Laoshi (Podcast)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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When I think back to all the Chinese tutors I’ve had in the past, the best have without fail been those with a passion for learning languages themselves.

They draw on their own experiences of overcoming language learning challenges to help others acquire Chinese. My guest on today’s podcast is a perfect example of this. Jiaqi Laoshi is an Instagram superstar with over 85,000 followers who began teaching Chinese while living in Spain in 2020.

She speaks fluent English and Spanish as well as her native Chinese and her engaging video clips have helped thousands of Mandarin learners around the world, providing them with comprehensible and compelling input.

In this podcast we discuss her motivations for becoming a Chinese teacher as well as tips for learners on how they can seek out content that’s appropriate to their level.

Her new project is called The Mandarin Storm which you can check out here.

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