Announcing Our First Ever Tones Masterclass with Will Hart!

*Our first ever Tones Masterclass will take place online on Wednesday August 23rd at 6pm (London Time.) Reserve your place here.

Recently I collaborated with YouTuber and Mandarin learning sensation, Will Hart. Initially we recorded a video together speaking Chinese in which we discussed my Chinese learning journey and the Mandarin Retreat project.

Today I went back on the channel to chat with Will about one of the main problems facing the Chinese learning community and the subject of my latest blog: overcoming poor tones.

At the end of the video Will and I announce our first ever tones masterclass in which we will guide a small group of learners through the techniques and methods needed to achieve excellent tonal pronunciation.

The methods we will share are based on techniques we both found highly effective when learning Chinese. The content of the masterclass has also received valuable input from Professor Karen Chung, a leading phonetics expert at National Taiwan University and one of the world’s most acclaimed foreign Mandarin speakers.

By the end of the interactive session, participants will have gained practical tools and a clear direction for further improvement, empowering you speak the language clearly and with confidence.

Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Click here to book your place.

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