How this Learner Fulfilled her Ambition of Becoming a Chinese Teacher (Podcast)

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Welcome back to another episode of the I’m Learning Mandarin Podcast. It’s been a while since I recorded the last one but we’re back and planning regular episodes over the coming weeks and months.

Today we speak to Pamela Rose, an educator and Mandarin teacher with a fascinating background. Pamela grew up in New York, to a Chinese mother and an American father. She didn’t learn any Chinese in early childhood but as a teenager became fascinated by the language, as well as her own cultural heritage.

From there she embarked on a journey which would culminate in her not only becoming fluent in Chinese but also qualifying as a Mandarin teacher. In this podcast Pamela shares her story with us and explains how her experiences in the classroom, both as an instructor and learner, have shaped her teaching approach and methods.

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