Refold: Making Immersive Language Learning Mainstream (Podcast)

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On to today’s podcast! On today’s episode I speak to Ethan, the CEO of Refold, an immersion-based language learning system that offers a guide and a community for learners who want to achieve language fluency.

Refold was initially set up by Ethan together with Matt Vs Japan, who has appeared on this podcast before. Refold Chinese has its own Discord server which I recommend all Mandarin learners check out.

The community is a great place to exchange tips, chat about language learning strategies and meet other Chinese enthusiasts.

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  1. I was hoping for a tougher interview. Ethan side stepped some of your questions. Would have liked more follow-up on when speaking makes sense. Also, would have appreciated some questions about the conflict between building a volunteer based community and running a for-profit business that doesn’t properly compensate their community moderators.

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