I’m Learning Mandarin Summer Raffle: Win Nine Chinese Graded Readers!

Illustration by Esther Birts

Following our giveaway last Christmas, this summer subscribers to the I’m Learning Mandarin blog will have the chance to win a collection of nine Chinese graded readers.

To enter the raffle you will need to subscribe to my blog for free by entering your email on the website’s home page.

You can then send an email to mischa[dot]wilmers[at]icloud.com informing me you’d like to take part.

On Friday August 12th at 18:00 GMT I will pull a name out of a hat, announce the winner and arrange for the books to be dispatched to you within the following two weeks.

Please note I am based in the UK and will pay for postage within the UK. However if you are outside the UK you will have to cover postage costs. The deadline for entry is: Friday August 12th 12:00 GMT.

I’ve previously written about how graded readers helped me as an elementary and intermediate Chinese learner. They are a great way to start building reading fluency and immerse in the language from a low level.

The winning bundle includes the following books:

Yoyo Chinese: Zhang Ming’s story (part 1) 

Yoyo Chinese: Zhang Ming’s story (part 2)

Chinese Breeze: Two Children seeking the Joy Bridge (300 characters)

Mandarin Companion: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Curly Haired Company (300 characters)

Mandarin Companion: The Secret Garden (300 characters)

Mandarin Companion: Great Expectations: Part 1 (450 characters) 

Mandarin Companion: Great Expectations: Part 2 (450 characters)

Chinese Breeze: If I didn’t have you (500 characters)

Chinese Breeze: Vick the Good Dog (1,100 characters)

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