Enter This Chinese Writing Contest & Become a Published Mandarin Author (Podcast)

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

On today’s episode I talk to April Zhang, an inspirational Mandarin teacher and founder of the Chinese teaching website MSL Master.

April is also the brains behind the annual Chinese Writing Competition where learners of all levels are invited to write a story using only 320 characters.

The winners of the competition will then have their story published in a book.

Last year, 82 submissions were received and the best 17 entries were published. These newly published authors were from eight different countries and regions around the world.

This year Imlearningmandarin.com are proud collaborators of the competition. So I encourage all of you to take part to connect with other learners from around the world and for the chance to become a published Chinese author.

I spoke to April about her background in teaching Chinese her inspirations for starting the competition as well as details of how those interested in participating can enter.

For more details of how to enter the Chinese Writing Contest visit: https://www.mslmaster.com/index.php/8-contest/196-chinese-writing-contest

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