Christmas Raffle: Win Twelve Chinese Graded Readers!

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Update, 17/12/2021: The winner of the raffle has been announced as Søren Friis Hansen, from Denmark! Congratulations Søren and thank you to everyone who took part!

I’ve previously written about how graded readers helped me as an elementary Chinese learner. However, over the past two years I have progressed to working with native materials such as news articles and novels. This means I have a collection of graded readers which I no longer have any use for and would like to give away for free to other learners. The readers are all fictional stories ranging from 450 words at the lowest level to 1500 at the highest.

This Christmas I’m giving subscribers to my blog the opportunity to win a collection of twelve graded readers. In order to enter the contest you will need to subscribe to my blog for free by entering your email on the website’s home page. You can then send an email to mischa[dot]wilmers[at] informing me you’d like to enter the raffle. On December 17th at 18:00 GMT I will pull a name out of a hat, announce the winner and arrange for the books to be dispatched to you within the following seven days.

Please note I am based in the UK and will pay for postage within the UK. However if you are outside the UK you will have to cover postage costs. The deadline for entry is: Friday December 17th 12:00 GMT There is no guarantee the books will arrive before Christmas.

Below is a list (in order of difficulty) of the 12 graded readers included in the winner’s hamper.

Great Expectations: Part 1, Mandarin Companion (Simplified Characters 450 words level)

Journey to the Center of the Earth, Mandarin Companion (Traditional Characters (450 word level)

Mother and Son, Beijing University Press (Simplified Characters (500 word level)

After the Accident, Beijing University Press (Simplified Characters (500 word level)

Our Geese Have Gone, Beijing University Press (Simplified Characters (500 word level)

Friends, Beijing University Press, (Simplified Characters 750 word level)

The Moon Sculpture Left Behind, Beijing University Press (Simplified Characters 750 word level)

The Third Eye, Beijing University Press (Simplified Characters 750 word level)

Selected Chinese Contemporary Short Stories, Sinolingua (Simplified Characters 1000 word level)

Vick the Good Dog, Beijing University Press (Simplified Characters 1,100 word level)

Two Red Shirts, Beijing University Press (Simplified Characters 1,100 word level)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Sinolingua (Simplified Characters 1500 word level)

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